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Welcome to our Devotional Page.  It is my prayer that these spirit filled words will uplift you and set you up for the day, month and year ahead.

When I have my quiet time with God; my devotional time I always use worship music as it sets my heart for the fellowship time and uplifts my spirit.  I’ve shared some of the songs that I’ve used with you.

Be blessed as you read and meditate.

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November 2017

One Woman & Her Faith

Do you remember the woman with the issue of blood - she had suffered for 12 years! She had been to every doctor and had been given every diagnosis you can think of but her situation got worse. She had not yet been to the Greatest Doctor of all time, Jesus Christ. When she heard about Jesus she went after Him, the crowd was getting in her way, just like sometimes people try and get in the way of your miracle. However, she pressed on and as feeble as she was in her body her faith was still speaking. I want to encourage you to keep on speaking the word of God, “if I can only touch Him, if I can only touch Him, if I can only touch Him,” it was her faith that made way for her the Bible says. As soon as she touched Him, Jesus felt power had gone from Him. Your faith is very powerful so don’t underestimate or diminish the power of the faith filled words in your mouth.

Sarah’s case was another woman who initially laughed at the impossibility of having a child at her old age, when she was practically menopausal. But she recognised the power of faith filled words and reconnected with her faith and the promises of God.

Just like the woman who pressed in beyond the crowd and all the negatives around her and touched Jesus, stretch out in your faith and touch your Saviour and don’t allow anybody or the circumstances of life to talk you out of your faith.

No matter how long it has been, how impossible it seems today and whatever the doctors or professionals are saying, what is your faith saying today? I want to encourage you to gather up every word, every promise that has been declared or spoken over your life. Let your faith do the talking today.

Reflection & Meditation: Matthew 9:20-22, Romans 10:8


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