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Services Provided by Jayne Banful Ministries

Initial Assessment 

Book a 30-minute session to check in on what you want to work on, ask any questions about my practice & how I work.

  1. Individual Counselling Sessions 

I work to an individualised approach based on the client’s presenting issues.

50-minute sessions face to face or online by Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp Video

Coaching & Personal Development 

4 initial 60-minute sessions and email follow up support

Group Process 

Talk, Process, Reflect & Grow in a small safe group setting.

Parenting Masterclass & Workshops 

Coaching and empowering parents with practical skills, to lead and raise children to fulfil individual purpose.

Parenting From The Heart
In the parenting sessions, you will learn the powerful role you play as a parent in leading and guiding your children with truth and grace. I empower you with practical skills to parent and raise confident children.
The sessions include identifying your child’s unique temperament and raising them to fulfil their individual purpose.


Empowered Living Upcoming Group Process 

Living Emotionally Healthy Sessions

What Is Emotional Health?
Emotional Health is living with an awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. An emotionally healthy person holds the awareness of the mind/body connection -thoughts and feelings impact the body and one’s overall well-being. 


In the Living Emotionally Healthy Sessions, I will empower you with the tools and skills to name and label your emotions and express emotions safely.
The sessions will enable you to own your story, understand and work through your story
To identify the emotions in your story, especially the negative emotions
Transform the limiting beliefs in your story that are holding you back
Embrace the life inside you and your untapped potential.
What Does Emotional Health Look Like?
Self Awareness- an awareness of oneself and in relation to others
Emotional agility- to approach your inner experiences mindfully and with insight
Ability to manage stress and the tools and coping skills to manage stress.
How to set boundaries and feel good
Develop resilience and navigate setbacks and challenges with confidence
Healthy self-image and healthy relationships
Live purposefully – being intentional about how you live your life with purpose at the forefront.
Join me in 6 Empowering Sessions That Will Change Your Life
Sessions are £35 for a single session
Or £30 for 4 or more sessions
You can pay by PayPal or BACs
You Also Get A One Off 15 Minute Session With Me

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