Power Thought

  • 11 Mar

    Pass It On …

    I Will Pass On Whatever Truth You Reveal To Me

    We are all on a spiritual sojourn travelling through this world. The good news is that you and I are never alone the Lord is with us, He is in us and He goes ahead of us on this journey. If you are ahead of me or He reveals anything to you that will empower others coming behind or those who are not there yet, please don’t keep it to yourself, pass it on.

    By Jayne Banful Power Thought
  • 04 Mar

    The Seasons They Are Changing

    ‘And It Came To Pass …’

    One of the favourite sayings of my late mother from the Bible  is “And It Came To Pass…

    A statement that I have also grown to love and live by. This is the truth I want to pass to you this week. Whatever lies in front of you or whatever you are going through that is challenging you, or causing you undue anxiety or stress or seeking to undermine your faith in God and His word is temporary. Dear friend you are simply passing through. This is not your final destination.

    By Jayne Banful Power Thought
  • 25 Feb

    Encourage Yourself In The Lord

    Power Thought

    My Emotions Are Not In Charge, I Am!

    One of the easiest ways to get discouraged is to compare yourself to others and immediately it begins to impact on how you feel about yourself your life and everything. Social media has made this even easier by focusing on what others are doing, posting etc.

    By Jayne Banful Power Thought
  • 18 Feb

    It’s Not Over Until God Says So

    Power Thought

    God Has The Final Say

    Whether you woke this morning feeling up beat or maybe you are feeling a little down, no matter what you woke up to and whatever you are facing for the day remember God has the final say on any and everything to do with your life. So check out what His word says on the issue and run with that today. Today will be amazing and your week will be glorious in His Name.

    By Jayne Banful Power Thought
  • 11 Feb

    Look At God Don’t Look At Yourself

    God Is Bigger Than Everything & Anything

    It is so easy to look at yourself, to look at all the mistakes or failings across your path. Mistakes and failings are simply lessons. They are not set backs. God has put within you the seed of possibilities. Today draw on the Zoe the God kind of life within your heart.

    By Jayne Banful Power Thought
  • 04 Feb

    It’s A Brand New Day!

    “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Today is a brand new day. God has never made this day before. Each day He bestows fresh grace, mercy and favour on your life.

    By Jayne Banful Power Thought
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