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“Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic”
Robin Sharma

Reflect On This:
I have not yet reached my goal, and I am not perfect. But Christ has taken hold of me. So I keep on running and struggling to take hold of the prize
(Philippians 5:12 CEV)

December is here; it’s either a sigh of relief or a sigh of “ooh dear I can’t believe the year is ending already”. But wherever you are on the journey I want to encourage you to keep pressing on and reaching for the high life that Jesus promised you. It’s within your reach and you are closer than when you started. If you can just take a moment and look behind you. You have covered a lot of ground you have continued through the year to where you are now. You are stronger than you think, you are here because you kept going and you need to finish strong.

The desires of your heart that you haven’t seen this year are still possible. “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible”. (Audrey Hepburn)
Remember God is not limited by days, months and the year after all He is God and faith is now. It is this moment that you are in right now.

So I’m cheering you on, and heaven is cheering you on to keep stepping and keep going and don’t ever ever give up.
Let’s all finish strong it’s not how you started but how you finish. So finish strong my fellow traveller. The Lord is with you.

Think On This:
And then GOD answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming-it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.
Habakkuk 2:2-3 MSG

God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?
Numbers 23:19 NLT

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