Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; 

Psalm 139:23

The heart is the centre of your being and it is the place where God speaks into. It is the place where you live and navigate your life. Your heart is a pivotal part of you. It is the place where you put your pain when you are hurt. It is also the place where your desires and longings reside. So, your Heavenly Father exhorts you to look after your heart at all times. Ensure you have regularly cleaned out anything that has gone in there to impact the health of the heart. Be mindful of offence, hurt or anything that dampens the heart and keeps it from functioning at its optimal.

So, the Psalmist offers his heart to God to ensure it is a clean heart, a heart that is prepared to hear from God and to do His will. A heart that is offered to God is less anxious and fearful as the heart is strengthened when it is daily lifted up to God. In His presence, the heart is fortified and stabilized. 

You know what is in your heart and God knows what is in your heart but He desires for you and me to bring our heart daily to Him. When you lift your heart to Him, you are bringing your life to Him and submitting all of you to Him.  

A prepared heart knows how to respond to life and anything that life presents. It enables you to stay in peace at all times and especially troubled times.

Today are you prepared to bring your heart to God?  Will you lift your life, your heart to the Father today? Let whatever is in your heart be pleasing to Him today.

Meditation & Reflection

Psalm 17:3

Psalm 25:1

Proverbs 4:23

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