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Never Stop Praying. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Jesus modelled an authentic and continuous prayer life to us. Throughout the gospels, there are various accounts of His communication with the Father. This is probably why the disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. 

Prayer is not complicated. It is simply continuous communication with the Father. Of course, there are times when you devote and set specific times aside in your daily time with your Heavenly Father to pray. The Bible says, “Jesus went to a deserted place and there He prayed” (Mark 1:35).

However, praying without ceasing is to be in continuous unbroken communication with the Father throughout your day. When we are travelling in the car, my husband and I, talk for long periods and then there are also long silences where we don’t speak but somehow we are still connected. That reminds me of communing with the Father. You spend time talking to God because you have a relationship and He is your Father. However, it is two-way communication so you need the pauses in between to allow Him space to also speak to your heart. The ongoing communication keeps the relationship going and upbeat. 

When you pray, you are asking God to intervene with His power in your affairs. You are open to Him and His will for your life. 

Jesus spent a whole night praying before He chose His disciples. It was an important decision. This is a significant lesson about prayer in respect to big decisions in your life don’t – rush into them. 

The more you spend time praying unceasingly, the more it will become a lifestyle. It will not be a chore and prayer will take its rightful place as a key part of your spiritual journey. 

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Matthew 21:22

Luke 3:21

Luke 6:12

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